Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

We offer a comprehensive range of fuel cards to satisfy all your business requirements


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shell crt card

Shell CRT 2

Shell Fleet

texaco fastfuel card

Texaco Fastfuel

Shell EV recharge card rotated

Shell EV

Esso Card™ Truck

Esso Card™ National


keyfuels card


Our fuel cards are specifically designed for business vehicles and fleet use.

Fuel cards are an excellent way to manage and monitor the fuel consumption of your business vehicles.

Putting all your refuelling costs under one account with us, makes it easier for you to save time and money.

A portfolio of fuel cards with a current network of over 8000 UK sites

No set-up costs, annual fees, transaction fees

No card charges** (Subject to usage)

A free online portal giving customers access to their account at any time

Bespoke reports and analysis

Fixed weekly diesel prices

Fortnightly credit terms available with up to 30 days interest-free credit

Excellent customer service and reacting quickly to customer requests

Access to an extensive electric vehicle charging network

Free Station Locator mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the size of each network?

coverage comparison graph 2022

NOTE: the Shell EV card covers both conventional stations on the Shell Fleet card and electric charging points, the figures on the graph just show the number of charging points

Can I collect rewards points?

The answer is empathically – Yes!


The details are displayed below:

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Accepted at:
any Shell station on any card

nectar logo

Available with these cards: Esso Card™ National, Esso Card™ Truck,
Texaco Fastfuel

tesco clubcard

Available with these cards: Esso Card™ National, Esso Card™ Truck,
Texaco Fastfuel, UKfuels

What can I purchase with my fuel card?

Product Key

shell fleet card stats

shell crt card stats

keyfuels card stats

uk fuels card stats

fast fuel card stats

esso national capabilities

esso truck capabilities

Please Note: The purchase of shop goods is an optional extra with all of our Shell cards

Why is branded fuel better than supermarket fuel?

fuel certificates

All base fuel sold in the UK has to adhere to UK and international standards

tanker and refinery

It comes from the same tankers and the same refineries


Fuel from these leading brands

fuel brands

Contains specially formulated additives that:


  • Helps to keep the engine clean increasing performance
  • Ensures maximum tank fill volume with anti-foaming agents
  • Increases fuel efficiency
fuel additives

What are the Benefits of Fuel Cards?

receipt icon


Your staff don’t have to worry about collecting the correct receipt after every transaction.

forms icon
You don’t have to spend valuable time and resource processing claim forms.
use icon
Just enter the card’s PIN, Drivers don’t have to carry cash or use their own money and theres no lengthy wait for reimbursement.
security icon
Every card is PIN protected, and registered to either a driver or vehicle.
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Our customers have access to free online portal with 24/7 access to itemised transactions and VAT compliant reports. The reports produced from our online portal helps managers plan future fleet activity and our bi-monthly payment terms ensure greater cashflow.

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