Shell Electric Vehicle Card

  • 2000 charge points in UK
  • 800 rapid charging points
  • Shell Recharge offers rapid charging (50-150KW) and is powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Ionity with ultra high-power charging (350KW)
  • 16 partner networks and growing thanks to New Motions interoperability
  • Access to 3800 conventional fuel sites
  • FREE Incentives for New Customers

More Information

The Euroshell EV Card is a complete fueling solution in one card.

One partner for all day-to-day transport expenses from fuel and EV charging, to serving drivers with quality food and rest facilities.

Shell is leading the way to make charging easier and available for everyone.


With Shell EV Cards there is a £2.99 per month subscription fee, a 50p transactions fee and the price of the electricity is dependent on the site. At Shell sites, there is a 3p discount per kWh. All charges are exclusive of VAT. Your drivers can also collect points on the Shell GO app with this card.

2000 Charge Points

You can use the Shell EV Card at Shell Recharge, NewMotion, Ionity, ChargePoint Inc, ESB, EV-Box, LastMile Solutions, Fastned,, EVDriver, Alfa Power Charging, Franklin Energy, E-Flux, Vattenfall UK, Engenie Ltd, ESB Group, and Virta charging networks. The Shell EV Card allows you to use 3800 conventional fuel stations to purchase Diesel, Petrol, Lubricants, AdBlue, LPG and M6 Toll charges.


All transactions are secure as all cards are PIN protected giving you tighter spending controls and reducing the risk of fraud. Register the cards to either a driver or vehicle.

Online Account Portal

Our customers can log into a free online portal at any time. Through the web portal, our customers can access detailed invoices showing the site, registration, date, time and quantity of fuel drawn and mileage recordings. Bespoke reports are available on request.

Credit Terms

Payment terms are twice monthly by Direct Debit. Weekly Payment terms are also available. Transactions from the 1st to the 15th of the month become payable at the end of the current month, and transactions from the 16th to the 31st of the month become payable on the 15th of the following month, giving you up to 30 days interest free credit.

Shell Recharge

Shell’s on-forecourt rapid-charging EV network that uses 100% certified renewable energy.


It provides vehicle with 0-80% charge in 30 minutes.


With 70 charge points, Shell has the ambition to increase the network where it’s needed.


Shell Recharge provides fleets with convenient ways to charge their cars on-the-go, however far they’re travelling.


While recharging, drivers can use their charge time to enjoy the facilities, grab a refreshment and take a well-earned rest.

shell recharge pic

shell EV card- large

How it Works

Card Technology


The new card uses near-field communication (NFC) technology via a RFID chip.

A RFID chip provides access to:

 – EV charging solutions

 – authorisation and settlement of transactions

 – integration with customer invoicing and MI


Using the cards for EV charging


 – Card is contactless for EV only – held in front charge point to start and stop charging

 – Can be used across Shell Recharge and third party networks, including NewMotion at home and the office

shell recharge logo

The Shell Recharge App

shell app icon

Downloaded the app to register and activate the card

shell find icon

Find available Shell Recharge or NewMotion and Partner public charge points, nearby and on the road

shell notify icon

Receive notifications when favourite charge points become available

shell start stop icon

Start, stop and pay for charge sessions remotely (dependant on the charge point)

shell availability icon

View availability, power details and charge tariffs foe specific charge points.

shell recharge app pic

why e-mobility

Why is E-mobility Good For Business?

Reduce Costs

Increase efficiency, reduce consumption of traditional fuels and lower emissions.

Fleets can benefit from tax incentives like the 0% Benefit in Kind tax rate for electric vehicles in 2020/21.



Continue to showcase climate leadership

Climate leaders are those who are pushing the limit for what companies or organisations can do to combat climate change.



Meet regulations

Develop emissions management to conform with ever-increasing legislation.



Improve competitiveness

Embrace technology that gives you more insight and control, equipping your fleet to compete more effectively.

Advantages of E-mobility with Shell

 – One partner for products and services that support your fleet in its journey to avoid, reduce and offset



 – One card for fuel,EV and other Shell products and services



 – Rapid charge retail network offering safety, reliability and convenience



 – Network growth:


 – Recharge – looking at fleet needs to determineour charge point locations


 – NewMotion interoperable network – your access will grow organically as with the network

shell ev advantages

fuel station locator screenshot
  • Search by area
  • Search by card network
  • Plan driver routes
  • The Fuel Station Locator links up with the Google Maps App to give you directions and guidance to forecourt destinations

No Set-Up Costs

It costs you nothing to join and there is no obligation to use the system. We don’t even charge you for cards! (Subject to usage)

Our Fuel Cards

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