About Us

About Cambrian Fuelcard Services

Here at Cambrian Fuelcard Services, we make it our mission to offer an unparalleled company business fuel card service!

Cambrian Fuelcard Services has been in the industry for over 40 years.

The key to our longevity is understanding our customer’s needs and putting systems in place that aim to give our customers the level of service that they deserve.
We have become one of the longest-serving, family-run fuel card providers in the UK based on the principle of treating our customers the way we want to be treated.

Our History

Cambrian Fuelcard Services Ltd is an award-winning, family-run business.

Founded in 1976, the company was originally in fuel distribution.

Now specialising in fuel cards, we have become one of Shell’s Platinum Agents and are one of Texaco’s Super 12 Agents.

Cambrian’s adherence to high standards of operations has acquired an ISO 9001 certification.



Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we value their business.

Our UK based call centre is manned by highly-trained and experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to responding quickly to customer requests. Nearly all of our customer inquiries are dealt with within fifteen minutes.

When you sign up to use our cards, you are assigned a dedicated customer account manager who will be your first point of contact from your onboarding and through the life of your cards.

Another key aspect is our independent status, this gives us two distinct advantages:

– As we are agents for five different fuel card providers, we offer our potential customers the best cards based on price and local network coverage

– If a customer is concerned about the capabilities of their current card, they can easily switch to another card in our portfolio by another brand

We Put You in Control with our Online Account Portal

You can now access your fuel card account easily and at any time.

We’ve worked with developers to give our customers 24-hour access to:

Copy invoices

History statements

Transaction enquiries

View Card details

Order new cards

Stop card requests

Extract transactions in CSV format

Our customers can access their accounts during non-business hours and can make more timely and effective decisions for their businesses.
This service offers our customers a high level of transparency allowing them to see where and when their drivers are using their cards.

Our Mobile App


We’ve developed a mobile app with the aim of giving drivers accurate information on the go.

With just two taps, drivers can find the nearest stations in their fuel card network.
Our free mobile is easy to use and makes drivers’ life easier.
The App identifies where they are in the UK and shows them the closest site and how to get there.
It also has useful information about the cards and what you can purchase with them.
It also helps fleet managers plan journey activities.


The app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows

At Cambrian, we are constantly realigning our services to suit the needs of our customers.

Find out more in the video below.

Our Nominated Charity

cry logo



  • supports young people diagnosed with cardiac conditions and provides medical information and bereavement support to families affected by YSCD
  • funds fast track services at the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions and Sports Cardiology and the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology
  • operates a national screening programme and funds medical research

Our Commitment to Climate Change



We have signed up with Ecologi to neutralize our carbon emissions and become a more socially responsible company.

Ecologi invests in projects that plant trees and support renewable energy initiatives.

Every month 130 trees are planted on behalf of our company every month which reduces our carbon footprint by 11.67 tonnes.

If you have a business fuel card requirement and are looking for an unparalleled level of service

then give us a call on 0800 612 6132 or 01633 677 677 or Apply Online Now