Cambrian Fuelcard Services is offering Multi-network SIM-only mobile phone deals.

This offer will be available to all of our existing customers, keeping your drivers connected wherever they are in the UK.

By managing your fuel cards, telematics and mobile phone requirements through Cambrian, you can save time and optimise your business efficiency.

Through keeping everything under one account with us, we can get to know your business and offer bespoke solutions to all of your requirements.

We offer packages that are uniquely suited to your business requirements.*

Email us at for more information.

*Availability subject to contract.

eSIM and SIM Cards


Mobile Phones


What are “eSIM” or virtual SIM-cards?

A virtual SIM-card, also known as an eSIM, is a non-physical SIM card that can be downloaded onto a device. You can use it to make calls, texts and emails without the need for a physical SIM card.
Virtual SIM cards cannot be physically damaged or lost, and this replaces the need to hand out SIM-cards to your drivers, allowing you greater control over your company devices.
It can be added as an additional SIM on your phone that runs concurrently with your existing SIM card. It can be added by simply taking a photo of the QR code on your mobile.


How do SIM-cards benefit my fleet?

The main benefit is offering your fleet access to a work-only SIM to make and receive calls, emails and texts through the SIM.
You can easily manage your incoming and outgoing communications. Your drivers can stay connected wherever they  go, and packages can include calls, texts and data.
This can either be a shared pool of minutes, texts and data or individual plans. 1GB or 3GB options are available, with easy configuration that takes less than 90 seconds to set-up.


What does Multi-network mean?

Our Multi-network SIM provides the best network coverage across the UK.
No matter where you are, when your primary network loses coverage, switch to your eSIM either manually or automatically to regain coverage.

              Why is it important to do a health check for your company devices?

  • Reduce costs and mitigate any unnecessary spending
  • Ensure that your current provider is offering you the most competitive plan
  • Improve and track your business efficiency
  • Optimise your business devices
  • Understand your usage trends at user or cost centre level
  • To ensure your business critical data is safe and protected
  • Want better control of your mobile devices? Talk to us about our mobile device management software

What does 1GB give you in reality:

• 22 hours of voice calls (via Skype, TEAMs, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc). This is referred to as VoLTE (Voice over 4G)
• Watch 2 hours of standard definition video
• Listen to 1,000 minutes (16 hours, 40 minutes) of music …or stream 200 songs
• Browse the internet for around 12 hours

Social media:

• Scrolling – uses 90MB per hour
• Interacting – Uses 156MB per hour

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