Shell GO+ Scheme Adds Non-Fuel Products

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You can now get discounts on a range of goods when you fill up when you use the Shell GO+ app

As well as getting money off fuel every tenth visit to a Shell site, you get

  • £3 off every 300 litres when re-filling with Shell V-Power
  • 10% off all hot drinks
  • 10% off deli2go
  • 10% off Jamie Oliver deli by Shell food ranges.


You’ll also get money off fuel every 10 visits.

The scheme rewards drivers for repeated visits, not points and your purchasing history determines personalised rewards.

Shell’s UK retail marketing manager Michael Hominick said:

“This is the first time we have developed a rewards programme for all types of fleets, irrespective of their vehicle: whether that be heavy goods vehicles, large goods vehicles or passenger vehicles. All fleets deliver value and it’s important that our programme reflects this.

“Shell Go+ is built to reward those who are out working hard on the roads every day. Initiatives such as this are important in ensuring that drivers feel refreshed and valued and will ultimately help to increase driver loyalty and retention for fleet businesses.”


The Shell GO+ scheme is available to our customers with Shell Fleet and Shell CRT.

This scheme is another great reason to choose Shell when considering your fuel card options.

Shell cards have a network of around 4000 sites and offer high-quality fuel in strategically chosen locations around the UK.


To join the scheme all you have to do is download the app


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