Why does my company need fuel cards?

Why does my company need fuel cards?

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Fuel costs account for 30% of a vehicles lifetime cost so limiting that expenditure with fuel cards could save your company a lot of money.


Fuel cards offer your business a more efficient way of paying for your fuel and managing your expenditure.

The following is an extensive list of reasons why your company needs fuel cards and how your company and employees will benefit from the system.


The Administrative Process

  • One consolidated bill
  • No need to process claim forms and validate receipts
  • Divert resources to other functions
  • 24-hour free access to account portal
    • Better transparency
    • See all transactions
  • Plan fleet activity
  • Identify vehicle use
  • Identify fuel-guzzling vehicles
  • Organize business travel patterns
  • Manage fuel expenditure



  • Easy to use – allows drivers to focus on doing their jobs
  • No need to carry cash
  • No need to collect VAT receipt
  • Drivers can collect loyalty points with certain cards



  • Fixed weekly price
  • Employ less admin resource
  • Bi-monthly payments are better for cash flow
  • No fixed contracts
  • No fees
    • Set up costs
    • Transaction fees
    • Card changes
    • Minimum spend
  • VAT compliant reports make it easier to claims back fuel duty
  • Better than using credit cards
    • With a credit card, you pay pump price
    • Varying APR during the life of the card
    • Fraud is harder to detect
    • Purchases are unrestricted



  • Pin protected cards
  • Cards are linked to either a driver or a vehicle
  • Ability to restrict purchases to certain items
  • Cases of fraud are easier to identify



For more information contact one of our account managers on 0800 612 6132 or go to www.cambriancards.com


Cambrian Fuel Card Services is a family run business with over 40 years of industry experience. Our longevity is based on giving our customers great fuel cards and unparalleled customer service. We offer a portfolio of cards covering over 8000 stations in the UK in strategically chosen locations.