What do drivers really think of cyclists?

what do drivers really think of cyclists? - infog


A recent survey highlighted the growing hostility shown towards to cyclists by motorists.

Many drivers thought that cyclists needed to be better trained, contribute financially to the upkeep of the roads and maintain their vehicles to a recognised standard.

60% thought that there were too many cyclists on the road

53% say cyclist should need to have a licence

59% say that bikes should have an MOT

45% want them banned from A roads

44% think that they should pay some form of road tax

70% of motorists want bikes to be fitted with licence plates

The biggest cause of attrition between motorists and cyclists are:

  • congestion
  • driving stress at peak commute times
  • bad road design


1.7 million people cycle to work every day

Cyclists are 15 times more likely to be killed than motorists

Cyclist Safety – On average there are:

  • 100 deaths
  • 3000 seriously injuries

every year