HGV Electrification Trial Gets Government Funding

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HGV Electrification Trial Gets Government Funding


The UK Government announced this week that they will be funding a major trial of long-haul electrified trucks.

This is part of the earlier this month the government announced a £20m budget for their Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

The heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) are to be powered by overhead wires as part of the Government’s efforts to reach zero emission road freight.

If successful it could mean long haul electrified HGVs on the UK’s major transport routes by the 2030s.

Scania, Siemens Mobility, and The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight are all included in the nine-month-long trial.

This comes after an initial backlash from the HGV community for the lack of government support to convert from conventional vehicles to electric and sustainable energies.

This includes the Government’s decision to ban new diesel or petrol HGVs sold after 2040.



The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) described the initial announcement as “optimistic but completely unrealistic”. PRA executive director Gordon Balmer said,

“You cannot legislate your way to inventing cleaner technologies. Without a roadmap, this is a mere aspiration. Whilst PRA members are supportive of the principle of decarbonization, there needs to be a realistic and well thought out plan to support these proposals, including how refueling infrastructure will support alternative fuels such as hydrogen”.



However, many companies are already opting for green transport methods. Asda has announced it will convert its fleet of over 600 vehicles to electric cars by June 2025. The pledge means the company is a few years ahead of the government’s target of only allowing new zero-emission cars. Shell Waitrose is also leading the way, by partnering with Shell to install 800 Shell Recharge EV charge points across up to 100 Waitrose locations by 2025.


Other Trials

This plan to electrify long-haul freight trucks may be the UK’s biggest step in becoming a zero-emission country so far, but this won’t be the world’s first electric HGV trial. An eHighway system on a public road was first  installed in 2016 in Sweden, and a second in Germany in 2018.


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Official statement – https://www.gov.uk/government/news/road-freight-goes-green-with-20-million-funding-boost



HGV Electrification Trial Gets Government Funding