Cash for Crash Scams on the Increase – Infographic

Cash for Crash Scams on the Increase – Infographic


cash for crash scams infog

170,000 claims linked to potential ‘crash for cash’ scams were recorded last year.

A 2019 estimation suggests that ‘crash for cash’ scams cost insurers around £340million per year.


Most prevalent areas for scams are:

  • Birmingham
  • Bradford
  • Walsall
  • Blackburn
  • Romford
  • Manchester
  • Luton
  • Leeds


Ways they do it:

  • Disabling their brake lights to cause the car behind to run into them
  • Slamming on the brakes for no obvious reason
  • Flashing their lights at a junction to let you out, then crashing into you deliberately
  • Working in conjunction with other drivers in front of them


How to avoid them:

  • Keep a safe distance
  • Look out for vehicles irrationally reducing speed


How Can Cambrian Help?

We offer a comprehensive range of telematics devices to suit any size of shape of fleet.

Telematics devices are proven to:

  • lower insurance costs
  • increase driving standards
  • improve brand perception

Our devices ehlp fleet managers see where and how their vehicles are being driven.


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