Rural Wales to Get Charging Network Boost

rural wales charging points


Rural Wales to Get Charging Network Boost


Transport for Wales (TfW) has appointed SWARCO UK Ltd to start the delivery of a rapid charging network.

Electric vehicles (EV) play a key role in decarbonizing the transport sector in Wales. The Welsh Government is part-funding the project.

This move needs to include adequate charging facilities across Wales to support the rise in EVs.

SWARCO UK Ltd and TfW are teaming up to deliver 21 electric vehicle rapid charge points across strategic points in the road network and help improve long-distance electric travel throughout Wales.



Steve Ward, Decarbonisation Programme Manager at TfW said:

“We are delighted to appoint SWARCO to develop rapid electric vehicle charge points at 12 rural locations. We know a lack of facilities is a real barrier to people having the confidence to change to an electric car and can even influence decisions about holiday destinations. This is just the start of a longer-term ambition to see thousands of extra charge points delivered across the country in coming years”.



The installation of the chosen sites will mean a rapid charge point around every 25 miles on the Welsh Strategic Road Network.

The sites will be located in Local Authority car parks spread across four Local Authority areas:

  • Ceredigion
  • Powys
  • Denbighshire
  • Gwynedd


Wales currently has 928 charging devices, 130 are rapid charging devices.

This all comes as part of the British Government’s plan to make Britain’s roads carbon-neutral by 2050.


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Rural Wales to Get Charging Network Boost