1000 Trees Planted!!!

1000 trees planted


1000 Trees Planted!!!


9 months we joined Ecologi and became a climate positive workforce.

Through offsetting our carbon emissions by investing in sustainable eco-projects, we have:

  • taken 59.67 Tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere
  • had 1,091 trees planted on our behalf


Projects we’ve supported include:

The 59.67 tonnes of CO²e we’ve taken out of the atmosphere is the equivalent of

  • 46 long haul flights
  • 179 metres² of sea ice saved
  • 148,041miles driven in a car



About Ecologi


By contributing a small amount of money per employee, your company will be offsetting its carbon emissions by investing in projects around the globe which tackle climate change.

To learn more about the work of Ecologi and the projects they invest in, go to ecologi.com



Our commitment to the environment


As a business, we have taken steps to provide our customers with solutions that help them reduce their carbon emissions.


Shell EV Card

Our Shell EV card is accepted at over 3000 charging stations nationwide. The electricity provided at Shell stations comes from renewable sources.

Members of the Shell Go+ rewards programme have the option opting-in to drive carbon neutral. This means Shell will offset the emissions associated with their fuel purchases by purchasing carbon credits.

To find out more about our Shell EV Card – go to https://www.cambriancards.com/shell-electric-vehicle-card/



We offer a range of telematics devices for every shape or size of fleet.

Proactive governance of your fleet results in:

  • Better driving
  • Less mileage
  • Less time in traffic
  • Reduced idling
  • No harsh braking and acceleration
  • Early engine issue detection through diagnostic monitoring

In the UK, transport remains the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, accounting for 34% of CO2 emissions in 2019.

Telematics solutions make a significant impact in reducing your fleets emission levels.

To find out more go to https://www.cambriancards.com/telematics/