Vehicle Theft Hotspots 2021

Vehicle Theft Hotspots 2021


A new study has found that 9 of the top 10 postcodes hotspots for vehicle theft are in the UK capital.

The 4 year-long study analysed car insurance data from 2016 to 2020 and found the London Borough of Lambeth has the highest car theft rate in the country.

In 2020, 74,769 cars were stolen in the UK. According to the Office for National Statistics, 72% of stolen cars are never recovered.

The only area in the top 10 postcodes with the highest car theft rate not located in London is Watford. But, more northern cities such as Preston were in the top 20.

The top areas are:

  1. Lambeth
  2. Kensington and Chelsea
  3. Ealing
  4. Southwark
  5. Lewisham
  6. Wandsworth
  7. Geenwich
  8. Hounslow
  9. Watford
  10. Westminster



Paul Evans from Co-op Insurance said:

“Car crime rates in London have remained continuously high, but it’s interesting to see that places like Preston and Stockport are also emerging hotspots in the North.”

Among the lowest theft rates are:

  • Moray, Scotland
  • Mid Devon, England
  • Denbighshire, Wales


Although you’d expect the desirability of premium cars to mean they are the targets for crime. Yet, it is the more affordable brands that are the favourites to steal, with the Ford Fiesta top of the list.
It is believed this is because such cars are less likely to attract the attention of the police. They may also be easier to clone and sell on quickly, due to their sheer popularity.

Top 10 most stolen cars:

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Ford Focus
  3. Vauxhall Corsa
  4. Vauxhall Astra
  5. Volkswagen Golf
  6. Range Rover Evoque
  7. Land Rover Discovery
  8. Audi A3
  9. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  10. Audi A4


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Vehicle Theft Hotspots 2021