Unprecedented Summer Traffic

Unprecedented Summer Traffic
Unprecedented Summer Traffic
RAC forecasts ‘unprecedented summer’ on the UK’s roads.
This summer will see unprecedented levels of traffic on UK roads due to drivers planning more staycations than ever before.
According to a new study by RAC, 29m staycations have been booked this year with 16m of these set to be in the school holidays alone.
In a survey of 2,500 people, the number of drivers making staycation bookings has surged 20% since April with the most popular location being the West Country.

Most Popular locations

  1. The West Country (30%
  2. Scotland (14%)
  3. Yorkshire (8%)
  4. the Lake District (6%) / East Anglia (6%)
With the school summer holidays just around the corner and most families have already made their plans for a break, the chances of long queues on major routes and breakdowns are high. Drivers were asked how far from home they will be holidaying in the UK. 57% said they would be traveling more than 150 miles from home, with 17% of these traveling more than 300 miles from home.


RAC Breakdown spokesperson Rod Dennis said:
“Busier roads, especially in the heat, can mean a sudden sharp increase in breakdowns, so we’re calling on every driver to check their car is ‘road ready’ and isn’t about to let them down.”
RAC’s tips to being ‘Road Ready’:
  • Extra Fuel or charge – Make sure have more than enough to get through the traffic jams.
  • Oil – it’s important that the oil level is checked to avoid a breakdown and expensive engine damage.
  • Rubber – all tyres must be inflated correctly based on the load being carried to avoid any punctures
  • Coolant – an engine running for longer has a much greater chance of overheating if the coolant is low or leaking.
  • Electrics – you will need your lights on during sudden downpours, never trust the British weather
  • Screenwash – keep a clear view of the road ahead by ensuring the making sure the bottle is topped up.

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Unprecedented Summer Traffic