Would you report minor damage to your company car?

big dent in rear bumper

New figures emerge claims that a third of company car drivers would not report any minor damage to their vehicles.


Research by Venson Automotive Solutions showed that the figure had almost doubled in the last four years.

Reasons for this growing trend comes from the misbelief that the upkeep of their company vehicle is solely the responsibility of their employer.

Nearly a quarter of drivers asked said that they would ignore a warning light. This figure is down 3%

57% of respondents were unaware that servicing their vehicle was their responsibility.

” Not only is this putting them at risk of the car breaking down, or causing a serious incident, it also creates potentially high repair costs for their employer”,

said Simon Staton, client management director of Venson Automotive Solutions. He went on to say:

“Implementing a few simple changes could significantly reduce wear and tear costs to the business. For example, regular maintenance checks by employees or the business can help identify issues early and avoid things getting worse and causing further damage.

“In relation to end of contract damages, it is important for fleet operators to ensure they fully understand the contract they have with their fleet provider so that they can avoid unnecessary costs at the end of the vehicle’s contract term.

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