06 Feb How well-behaved is your fleet?

fleet fines in 2018


Data from 337,000 drivers was analysed by Autolease. The results showed that a record number of fines were issued in 2018 and there is a 22.7% year on year rise.


Public Parking Fines

  • 28,821 issued
  • £1.73m paid


Bus Lane Fines

  • 36056 issued
  • £2.34m paid
  • 36% rise


Private Parking Fines

  • 98,873 issued
  • £5.93m paid


Other Offences

  • 37,551 penalties
  • £5.33m paid
  • 5.7% rise



  • 201,307 fines issued
  • £15.33m


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