Motoring Trends – Infographic

motoring trends infographic


Motoring Trends

Here are the latest stats from the Department for Transport.

Understanding trends helps us plan more effectively for the future.

Fuel Economy
Since 2000:

Petrol increased by 31.25%
Diesel increased by 27%



£32.5 billion of public
expenditure was spent on
transport in 2017/18 of which:

14% (4.55b) was on National Roads

18% (5.85b) was on Local Roads


Vehicle Fuel Types

40% diesels
59% petrol


International freight – 3.5m – up 2%

44% more goods are exported than imported


246,700 miles of road in 2017


Road Freight

78% of goods moved by road

In 2017:
1.40 billion tonnes lifted (-3%)
147 billion tonne kms moved (-1%)
18.6 billion kms travelled (-3%)


Fatalities fell by 4% since 2016

In 2017:
1,793 fatalities
24,831 seriously injured
144,369 slightly injured



Transport is largest polluter (27%) due the massive decline in output from the Energy section.

Greenhouse Gas Emmissions are down 5% from 2016

Pollutants have halved since 1990

Since 1990, Emissions from cars have decreased by 2%, while emissions from HGV’s have remained the same.


Road Traffic Trends

327 billion miles travelled in 2017, which is an increase of 1.3%

Van traffic has grown the fastest, up 3% on the previous year.