UK EV Ready

UK EV Ready


According to EY’s EV Country Readiness Index, the UK has ranked fourth for “electric vehicle (EV) readiness”.

The index studied ten global auto markets based on supply, demand, and regulation. These 10 countries make up 75% of the global light-vehicle market. This is the first study of its kind.




The top three markets are

  1. China
  2. Sweden
  3. Germany




Automotive leader at EY UK and Ireland, David Borland said:

“While consumer demand for EVs is strong, continued support for the development of battery technology, products and supply chain – and greater investment in the nation’s fragmented charging infrastructure – are key to the UK’s progress.”




The main aspects taken into consideration were:

  • the domestic presence and future plans of OEMs
  • energy ecosystem maturity
  • charging infrastructure
  • EV battery supply
  • Retail options for new battery and EV business models

The largest markets are getting ready for an increase in demand for EVs. Those at the top of the leader board are there because of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) presence, policy support and battery supply. A spokesperson for EY said for the UK to go up the rankings, its “supply ecosystem requires further development”.



Public Perception

EY described the UK’s consumer perception as ‘comparatively low’. This includes behaviour towards charging infrastructure availability and intention to buy an EV as a next vehicle.


Maria Bengtsson, partner and EV lead at EY UK said:

“Charging capacity will need to increase to encourage motorists to buy EVs in the short term, but also to underpin any future increase in EV use in the UK. Building up workplace, motorways, destination and public charging options should be a key element of any effort to develop demand by facilitating ease of EV use among consumers.”



How can we help?

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UK EV Ready