Which is the best fuel – Supermarket or Branded?

Which is the best fuel – Supermarket or Branded?

This debate has been raging since supermarkets decided to set up forecourts.

40% of drivers think that supermarket fuel is inferior to branded fuel.

Is this just brand perception and marketing hyperbole?

We’re here to separate fact from opinion.

All base fuel sold in the UK has to adhere to UK and international standards.

It comes from the same tankers and the same refineries.

What distinguishes branded diesels are the Additives.

Additives are special chemical formulas designed to enhance the fuel.

For example:

All these major brands – Esso, Shell, Texaco, Gulf and Total – have premium diesel products which contain additives that:

  • Clean your engine making it more efficient
  • Anti-foaming agents that ensure maximum tank fill volume

So, if their claims are true, branded fuel does have the advantage.

But, many would still argue that:

  • driving conditions
  • engine management systems

play an equally important role.

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