New Vehicle Tech – What to Expect this Year and in the Future

driving view from concept car show in car AI system

New vehicle technology is not just focussing on how your well your car is performing but on how well the driver is performing.

The Consumer Electronics Show is currently taking place in Las Vegas and amongst the innovations on display are new gadgets and new tech set to revolutionise our driving experiences.

The big innovations this year are the infiltration of VPA’s (virtual personal assistants) from the home into our vehicles. Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri will soon be responding to our voice commands while we’re at the wheel and taking control over infotainment systems, navigation systems and limited operational functions like climate control. The in-car VPA would also sync up seamlessly with home VPA’s.

The Future

Beyond voice responsive technologies playing a role, there are intuitive AI led systems being developed that will increase safety and offer drivers and passengers individually tailored driving experiences.

The AI will draw its information from in-car sensors, which include:

  • Facial recognition to detect how attentive drivers are, judging how awake the drivers are, the focus of their vision, their head position
  • Seat sensors will use applied pressures to re-adjust the seat position and make alterations to make the driver more comfortable
  • Through analysing driving style, the AI will adjust the in-car lighting and music to alleviate the mood and reduce aggression
  • Ambient temperature adjustment for driver comfort
  • Seat sensors to identify rear seated passengers and adjust content in headrest screens
  • Location-based reactive responses (eg. You go to the supermarket, you spend an hour in the store, so your car AI calculates that you will be returning to your car with bags full of shopping and automatically opens your car boot when you return)
  • Finger-print recognition for vehicle entry
  • Finger-print recognition for engine start which also instigates the driver’s personalised car settings
  • Cameras can recognise breathing and heart rates to monitor any health conditions that might affect driving

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