Shell Announce Partnership with Waitrose

shell waitrose partnership


Shell Announce Partnership with Waitrose


Shell in the UKwants to grow its Shell Recharge-branded EV charging network to 5,000 charge points by 2025.

To facilitate this growth, Shell has announced a new partnership with Waitrose. They aim to install 800 Shell Recharge EV charge points across up to 100 Waitrose locations by 2025. Each site is expected to have six 22kW and two 50kW charge points installed, enabling customers to charge up while they shop. The first charging site will open in 2022.

This new deal with Waitrose adds to the rapidly growing range of EV charging offers from Shell that fleets can access. In addition to on-the-go, home and office charging, this new deal represents Shell’s first step into destination charging, which provides customers with the convenience of recharging alongside other activities, such as shopping.



David Bunch, Shell UK Country Chair, said:

“This is great news for EV drivers across the UK, knowing they can easily, quickly and reliably charge up at one of Shell’s charge points whilst doing their Waitrose shop. At Shell we want to make EV charging as hassle-free as possible, supporting our customers wherever they want to charge, and this extension of our great partnership with Waitrose helps us achieve just that”.


Shell Charging Network

These charge points will be in addition to:

  • the 3500 on street charge points already installed by ubitricity
  • 2900 charge points through NewMotion

both part of the Shell Group.

The electricity used at Shell Recharge sites comes from 100% renewable sources.


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Shell Announce Partnership with Waitrose