Post-Pandemic Commutes

Post-Pandemic Commutes

Research by Heycar that has found the majority of commuters have gone back to using their vehicles since returning to the office.

1000 commuters completed the survey, answer questions about their travel to work. 52% of thosesaid that they plan to avoid public transport in the return to work.

With many returning to working in the office, commuters favour fuel-efficient and reliable models. 7 in 10 of the most popular models on the Heycar site were diesel vehicles.

When asked what they look for in a vehicle

  • 41% said fuel economy
  • 29% said suitability for long journeys
  • 26% said reliability



Senior Editor for Heycar, Dan Powell said:

“After so many months of lockdowns and social distancing, it’s understandable that one in two are uncomfortable with the prospect of being jammed into a train carriage or standing on a packed bus with dozens of strangers. As a result, our cars have taken on even more importance as a comfortable and reliable way to travel to work in a post-pandemic world.”

Shift to EV

The recent delay in the fuel supply change has led to panic buying but has also seen a significant shift in interest in electric vehicles (EVs).

According to data from online searches for Evs were up by 1600% in late September.
Heycar said they saw interest in Evs more than double on their site within a week.


A spokesperson for said:

“This trend will likely continue, as more people become conscious of their petrol and diesel viability and almost every major manufacturer is committed to electrifying their vehicle portfolio – with EV ranges and capabilities increasing almost exponentially as new models come to market.”

EV car sales have been increasing rapidly over the last few years.

In August 2021, EV sales made up 18.3% of vehicle sales.

67% of fleet operators expect to add Evs to their fleets within the next five years.

Many companies are now making the preparations needed to create a charging infrastructure that will support this transition.

Shell will install 50,000 Ubitricity charging points in the UK by 2025. The government have implemented legislation that will see a charging hub installed at every new build home and office space. The National Grid have suggested they expect 85% of EV drivers to use smart charging by 2050.


How can we help?

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Post-Pandemic Commutes