Law Change for Charging Stations

Law Change for Charging Stations


The Government has announced a new £950 million Rapid Charging Fund.

The aim of the fund is to improve the public charging infrastructure at stations along motorways and major A roads in England. But this may be an issue for stations that already have deals with energy providers. A new law change is being considered by the Government to help resolve this issue.

At the moment stations operating under exclusive arrangements with charge point providers in England. Under new rules, these arrangements would end.
This will mean that stations must have at least two suppliers to ensure long-term market competition. This will reduce the legal risks and keep customers at a low rate.

An open investigation into existing agreements at three major motorway services following a study of the EV (electric vehicle) charging market conducted by The Competition and Markets Authority. The investigation began in July 2021 under the Competition Act 1998, but there are currently no published findings.



Transport secretary Grant Shapps said:

“This is a hugely exciting time for transport in the UK. Supporting these innovations will not only ensure high standards for consumers but also create a research-friendly environment so we can continue being world leaders in transport.”


Current Issues

The fund announced by the government will aim to address “charging deserts” and the disparity in charging availability outside London. The public is currently facing a ‘chicken and egg’ situation with electric vehicles. The lack of public charging stations is seen as a major factor in EV uptake.


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Law Change for Charging Stations