New Driving Laws For 2020

2020 driving laws

New driving laws for 2020

2020 will see a host of introductions and changes to the way in we drive in the UK.

Here are some of the new driving laws for 2020:


Low Emission Zones

The success of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in London will soon see similar schemes introduced in Birmingham and Leeds.

Other cities interested in the scheme are:

  • Edinburgh
  • Derby
  • Newcastle
  • Cardiff
  • Cambridge
  • Bristol


Car Tax

Most drivers will see a rise in their vehicle excise duty bill, which is in line with inflation.

If your vehicle fails to meet the new RDE2 emissions standard will be charged an additional £15.

New car buyers could also face an extra £65 on their first year’s car tax.


Smart Motorways

Stronger penalties are being introduced if you drive in a closed lane marked with an X.

The fine is already 3 points and a £100

Highways England is also planning to build more emergency refuge.


Driving Permits and Green Cards

In a no-deal scenario, UK drivers will have to purchase an international permit. The permits are £5.50 and are available from the Post Office.

You will also need to carry a motor insurance green card when driving your car in the EU and EEA. You can get one of these by contacting your insurance provider a month before you travel.



A UK wide ban on parking on pavements.


Recently Qualified Drivers

Graduated licences for new drivers which will restrict:

  • Driving times
  • Passenger numbers
  • Speed
  • Engine sizes
  • Alcohol limits


New drivers will have to display ‘P’ plates for up to two years. In this period, new drivers will be subjected to stronger penalties for offences.


Overtaking cyclists

If you don’t leave 1.5m between you and the cyclist you’re overtaking you could be fined £100 and get three points on your licence.


Driving Lessons on Motorways

Driving instructors can now take students on motorways.

It is not compulsory, and instructors will need dual controls.


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