How Can Telematics Safeguard Your Fleet Against Drug Driving?

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Described a ‘hidden epidemic’, convictions for driving under the influence of drugs have quadrupled.

According to a recent report from the DVLA, in 2018 there were 20,000 drug driving convictions.

The report showed that:

  • 200 17-year olds were arrested
  • 40 children were arrested
  • 6 people caused deaths
  • The majority of offenders are in their 20s
  • 78 drivers over the age of 60 were banned
  • 92.7 of offenders were men
  • In 2015, 63.5% of roadside drug tests were positive


So how can telematics stop drug driving?


Telematics devices record every facet of a vehicles journey and the driver’s behaviour. Therefore, the tell-tale signs of driving under the influence will be picked up.

Every telematics device contains a gyroscope which constantly records data about:

  • Acceleration
  • Harsh Breaking
  • Cornering Speed
  • Idling Time
  • Erratic Behaviour

The telematics device also relays information via satellite about:

  • location
  • average speed
  • journey distances
  • the proximity of other vehicles in the fleet

Every driving infringement sets off an alert to the fleet manager who can then check live footage from inside the cab via the onboard cameras. The fleet manager can then contact the driver or inform the emergency services.


Monitoring Software


The monitoring software is another key component in analysing and identifying aberrations in driver behaviour. Each driver is given a percentile ranking based AI analysis of their behaviour behind the wheel. As historical data is kept for three years, there is the capability to identify patterns of behaviour and deviations in driving routes. The monitoring software also allows you to create geofenced zones. So, if a driver goes into a certain area, alerts will be sent and still images will be taken when they enter and leave the area.




Telematics offers fleet managers an unparalleled view of fleet activity. It safeguards your employees, your company’s assets and the public perception of your business. It raises driving standards and eradicates drug driving.


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