Are Speeding Initiatives Working? – Infographic

speeding statistics 2019 - infographic

Are Speeding Initiatives Working?

The latest government statistics on speeding have been released for 2018 to 2019 and it makes for some shocking reading.

With the figures indicating year on year rises, it begs the question – what can you do to get drivers to slow down?

4/5 of motoring offences are speeding offences

2.39M drivers were caught in England & Wales

2.84M offences were committed

97% of offenders were caught by cameras

County with Highest Number of Offences – West Yorkshire – 182,000

County with Lowest Number of Offences – Wiltshire – 1,000


  • 44% went on speed awareness
  • 34% had Fixed Penalty Notices
  • 12% had their offences cancelled
  • 10% went to court

4% annual increase in offences


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