How Do I Make My Fleet More Efficient?

How Do I Make My Fleet More Efficient?


Fleet operations can take up a big chunk of your business budget. A study from the RAC last year found that 25% of drivers said the cost of driving made up a large proportion of their monthly budgets. And when your fleet isn’t running as effectively as it could, this can lead to massive overspending and excessive emissions.

Keeping your fleet running effectively and efficiently is a challenge. We have an extensive range of solutions and products that will help.



What Are The Causes of Fleet Inefficiency?


Making your fleet more efficient all starts with how your drive your vehicles. The temptation to get to your destination as fast as possible is problematic.

Aggressive driving leads to premature wear and tear on a vehicle, costing your fleet more in the long run on repairs. It also means that your engine may not be operating at optimal conditions.

Things like:

  • Over Acceleration
  • Excessive Idling
  • Harsh Braking
  • Corner Speeding

All increase your fuel consumption and are unnecessary.



How Can Telematics Help?


Changing the culture of unsafe driving behaviours can be difficult to drive out of your fleet. But our telematics solutions gamify your driver’s behaviour and encourage them to adopt better driving practices. The cutting-edge ranking system assesses your driver’s behaviour on the road. It gives fleet managers a dashboard view in the software portal that compares to other drivers in your fleet. This allows them to see where they need to improve and allows you to offer incentives for the best driving.

Route optimization is also easy with our telematics solutions. The live tracking feature links to current traffic data and gives your drivers the most time and fuel-efficient route for their journey.

Telematics Solutions also enable businesses to make significant savings on insurance costs and litigation.

In a recent road safety report in 2021:

  • 68% of UK commercial fleets have vehicles involved in road collisions every year
  • 61% say that, on average, they have at least one insurance claim a month made against their company by other road users


Our Trakm8 RH600 device is proven to:

  • Decrease accident rates by 39%
  • Reduce insurance claims by 50%
  • Decrease speeding incidents by 35%
  • Offer a 10% better fuel economy



How Can Fuel Cards Help?


By partnering with industry leaders, we are able to offer fleets of all shapes and sizes, a comprehnsive range of fuel cards. We’ve partnered with industry giants such as Shell, Esso, and Texaco to deliver high-quality fuel for the best possible price. These fuels often come with additives that can help your fleet run more efficiently. Anti-Adhesion Compounds and Corrosion Inhibitors help keep your engine clean so it can perform at optimum levels. This all helps you squeeze a few extra miles out of each drop.

Every fuel card account comes with free access to an online account portal. Through the portal, customers can view and download all their transactional data and download invoices. This system also gives fleet managers an insight into the individual vehicle MPG which might indicate if there’s a mechanical issue.

Many of our fuel cards enable drivers to collect loyalty points either through Shell GO+, Tesco Clubcard or Nectar points. This added level of incentive generates greater wellbeing amongst drivers and engenders a more positive outlook on their driving performance.



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How Do I Make My Fleet More Efficient?