trakm8 rh600

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The worlds most advanced
4G camera system

Trakm8 RH600

The RH600 is a groundbreaking telematics device from Trakm8.

It is the first telematics device to combine 4G camera with fully featured telematics.

This compact device features a choice of single or dual cameras with detachable heads. It automatically provides harsh event videos plus live streaming, videos on demand and video and still pictures on event.

In addition, the RH600 provides the telematics functionality of our most advanced tracking devices, including driver behaviour, CANbus integration, driver ID and our Connected CareTM vehicle diagnostics.



4g connectivity


4G Connectivity

  • Offers you the fastest available download speed
  • Ensures you have full visibility important events as soon as they happen

econ lightbar


Integrated EcoN Lightbar

  • Visual feedback to drivers promotes safer and more efficient driving styles
  • Reduces accident rates
  • Can slash fuel costs by up to 15%

2x optional cameras


2x Optional Cameras

  • Can be pivoted or placed in any position
  • Suitable for forward-facing, monitoring the driver or viewing other areas of the vehicle
  • Ideal for validating insurance claims
  • Ensures passenger safety
  • Provides a handy tool for driver training exercises

connected care


Connected Care ™

  • Identify vehicle maintenence issues through real-time health alerts
  • Predict breakdowns before they happen
  • View accurate fuel levels, real MPG and
  • Receive reminders for services and insurance renewals

insight reports



  • Choose from hundreds of reports to create a personal dashboard
  • Monitor the KPIs that matter to your business
  • Create rules to receive footage in specific eventualities, for example a photo of the driver at the start of each journey

mobile app


Mobile App

  • Manage your fleet from anywhere at any time
  • Review individual driver and vehicle performance
  • Available on both Android and Apple devices


Points of Interest

  • Create virtual barriers around points of interest such as depots and collection points
  • Receive alerts when your vehicles enter or exit these zones
  • Capture footage or still images upon entry and exit
  • Useful for time-on-site reporting
  • Adds an extra layer of security by notifying you of out-of-hours use

video demand


Video On-Demand

  • Automatic transmission of harsh events or collisions
  • Drivers can send footage at the touch of a button
  • Improving driving performance using event-based video coaching



Automated FNOL Events

  • Automatically capture and report crash events
  • Trakm8 can push data to third parties such as police and insurers to minimise stress and improve downtime

live streaming


Live Video Streaming

  • Live stream footage from the cab or road ahead to reduce driver distraction and unsafe driving practices
  • Improve customer service by combining live footage with GPS data to identify the reasons behind a delay
  • Check driver welfare in the immediate aftermath of a collision

g sensor


G Sensor

The gyroscope detects:

  • Rapid acceleration
  • Harsh breaking
  • Cornering speed
  • Idling time
  • Erratic driving

Driver scoring


Driver Scoring

Every driver receives an aggregated score based on their driving performance. This can be used to incentivise drivers and promote a better driving culture within the company.

trakm8 insight screen


  • Insight is the online platform where you manage all your fleet activity
  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • View live video feeds
  • Extract highly detailed customer reports with customizable parameters

The most advanced 4G telematics camera in the UK, it is proven to:


cut in instances of speeding


reduction in accident rates


enhancement in fuel economy

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