Car Hacking – Infographic

Car hacking how to and stats


50% of stolen cars are never returned

How does it work?

Your car key works by emitting a radio signal to your car.

Thieves can copy the unique signal signature used by your key and relay it to a third person who then uses that signal to trick your car into thinking its been legitimately opened up and started.

Within two minutes, the thieves can simply drive off unimpeded with your car.


Hacking Systems

Security scientists have also managed to remotely hack car engine managements systems.

They have succesfully demonstrated how to exploit software vulnerabilities to take control of the:

  • infotainment center
  • fuel gauge
  • steering
  • speedometer,
  • brakes
  • air bags
  • air vents
  • accelerometer
  • windscreen wipers
  • transmission
  • dashboard functions


Industry Statistics

Researchers recently conducted tests into how widespread the issue of hacking was in the motor industry.

The results showed that out of the 237 cars tested, only 7 had sufficient resilence to prevent a keyless attack. This means that 97% of cars on the road are vulnerable.