What Happens if You Run a Red Light?

red lights

Are you an amber gambler?

Jumping a red light is not only illegal but highly dangerous.
If you run a red light, you’ll receive a ‘TS10’ notice on your driving licence for ‘failing to comply with traffic light signals’.
Traffic light offences incur a Fixed Penalty of 3 points and a £100 fine
If you don’t respond to the penalty notice or if you give incorrect details of the driver, you risk a fine of £1,000 and six penalty points.
This also stays on your record for four years.
The police may also offer you a place on a Traffic Signal Course as an alternative punishment.
Even though the numbers of incidents are declining, 47% of accidents take place at junctions.
The Department for Transport (DfT) reported 160,597 casualties from road traffic incidents in 2018, with around 75,095 of those taking place at junctions, many of which were traffic light-controlled.

Where are the Top Red Light Offenders in the UK?

  1. Glasgow (13,373)
  2. Edinburgh (8,022)
  3. Nottingham (5,775)
  4. Bristol (5,048)
  5. Cardiff (4,942)
  6. Sheffield (2,925)
  7. Leicester (2,781)
  8. Motherwell (2,596)
  9. Liverpool (2,520)
  10. London South Western SW postcode area (2,157)
  11. Southend-on-Sea (2,305)
  12. Manchester (2,239)
  13. London South Eastern SE postcode area (2,157)
  14. Greater London (2,137)
  15. Birmingham (1,851)
  16. Doncaster (1,729)
  17. Brighton (1,707)
  18. Essex CM (1,704)
  19. North London (1,659)
  20. Kilmarnock (1,611)

What is the Solution?

In other countries, they have traffic lights where the amber light is replaced with a digital display that counts down the seconds between the lights changing. In studies, this clarity of information made drivers more conscientious of their speed and situation, therefore, minimising risk.
Ultimately, there is always going to be a portion of the driving population that treat the roads like a race track, in which it’s a case, better driver education is needed.
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