Worried About Your Fleet’s Emissions?

Worried About Your Fleet’s Emissions?


Many businesses are thinking about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. But for businesses that are reliant on their fleet, this can be a challenge.

Transport is responsible for the majority of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) produced in the UK. A study in 2019 found that transport made up 34% of the carbon produced by the UK.

With the goal of becoming a net-zero carbon Britain by 2050 fast approaching, many UK businesses are looking into reducing their emissions.

For some, that means converting to electric vehicles (EVs). According to research by Centrica Business Solutions, 40% of businesses had increased the number of EVs on their fleet compared to last year.

Government Comment


UK Government transport minister Rachel Maclean said:

“With British businesses set to increase their investment in electric vehicles by 50%, the message is clear – the future is electric.”


How Can Cambrian’s Services Help Your Business?

If your fleet has converted to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) our Shell EV fuel card may be the perfect partner on the road.

The Shell EV gives your fleet access to 7500 charging hubs across the UK’s road network. This includes the worlds first fully-electric Shell charging hub that opened in Fulham earlier this year. The network also includes over 950 rapid chargers by 100% renewable energy sources. These rapid chargers allow your drivers to spend less time waiting and more time on the road. But, for a lot of businesses the initial cost of converting to EVs can be a setback. Yet this doesn’t mean you can’t play your part in becoming more eco-conscious.


If you’re not looking to convert yet, there are still some ways you can reduce the emissions produced by your current fleet.
Instilling fuel-efficient driving behaviours in your fleet can help reduce your fleet emissions and fuel expenditure. Reducing how long your fleet spends idling is one way you can do this. A study from the Transport Research Foundation (TRF) found idling can cost up to 3p per minute. This is a massive waste of fuel and harmful emission. Other driving behaviours that can cause your fleet to build up a large number of emissions are harsh breaking and fast acceleration.

Telematics Solutions can help cut these habits from your fleet. Installing telematics can save businesses up to 25% on fuel expenditure and reduce the amount of pollution they emit. Our cutting-edge systems score your drivers on their driving safety. Fleet managers can then use this data to see what areas your fleet needs to improve on. It also gamifies your fleet’s behaviour by ranking
them again other drivers. This can minimize your fleet’s environmental impact without the need to invest in greener transport solutions.


What Other Initiatives Are Cambrian Involved in?

At Cambrian Fuel Cards Services, we are also working hard to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve implemented several eco-conscious schemes in our head office as well as partnering with Ecologi to become a carbon positive company.

For more information about how we are shrinking our carbon footprint, or how we can help you reduce yours, click here or call us free on 0800 6126132.



Worried About Your Fleet’s Emissions?