World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day
Have you ever wondered how your business can be more eco-friendly?
As part of World Ozone Day, we are sharing our eco-conscious story.
Over the past 10 months, since we joined Ecologi and became a climate-positive workforce, we have taken steps to provide our customers and staff with everything they need to help them reduce their carbon emissions.
By investing in sustainable eco-projects and planting over 1,000 trees, we have offset over 65 tons of carbon emissions.

This is equal to:

  • 50 long-haul flights
  • 162,927 miles driven in a car
  • 197 meters² of sea ice saved

By contributing a small monthly charge per employee, we also invest in projects around the world that tackle climate change.

Some of the projects we have supported are:

  • Producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam
  • Producing energy from waste rice husks in India

How we can help you reduce your carbon?

One way you can become more eco-friendly is with our Shell EV card.
Your fleet can easily convert to electric vehicles with the help of our Shell EV fuel card.
This card gives your drivers access to over 3000 charging stations and 3800 conventional fuel stations nationwide.
This combination makes it perfect for both full EV and Hybrid models. The electricity provided at Shell stations comes from 100% renewable sources.
If you’re not ready to convert yet, you can also limit your carbon emissions with the help of our Telematics Solutions. We offer a range of cutting-edge telematics devices for every shape or size of fleet.
These solutions help track your fleet in real-time and can help with:
  • Better driving
  • Less mileage
  • Less time in traffic
  • Reduced idling
  • No harsh braking and acceleration
  • Early engine issue detection through diagnostic monitoring
Which all help towards fewer emissions and becoming more eco-friendly. In the UK, transport remains the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, making up 34% of CO2 emissions in 2019.
For more information on how you can become a climate positive workforce go to