Why download our mobile app?

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In March 2019, we launched the Cambrian Fuel Station Locator Mobile App.

It was our aim when developing the App that it would help our customers get the best out of their fuel cards.
The following is a list of questions and responses we considered when creating the app.


Is the app easy to use for non-techy people?

The app is designed so that you can get to the information you need in three taps. The interface has large and clear delineated icons and logos. If you get in difficulty, there is a ‘How To’ button.

When you’re out on the road and in need of fuel, do you have to pull over and ring the office to find the nearest station where you can use your card?

The Fuel Station Locator App helps you find the nearest station to you in your network. It also shows you station facilities.


How does the app help when I’m planning journeys?

There’s functionality within the app to create a route, get directions and see the network coverage along and around that route.


How do I know what I can purchase with my fuel card?

In the ‘Our Cards’ section, there is a detailed list of products and services which can be purchased using each card.


What if I get any difficulties with using my card?

In the middle of the app homepage, there is a call button which connects you straight to us. Our UK-based call centre is staffed with highly trained and experienced operators who will answer any of your fuel card queries.


What if the card isn’t giving me the coverage I need?

The ‘All Stations’ lets you see all the networks we support. We will work with you to find the best network for your business and swap your cards for free. Also, as none of our cards are exclusive, you can mix and match your cards to suit your fleet.


What if have a suggestion about improving the app?

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service experience. The feedback we get directly shapes our services. This is why we have included the Feedback functionality in the app.



More Information


To download the Station Locator app go to www.cambriancards.com/fuel-station-locator-mobile-app/


To view our fuel card networks online go to www.cambriancards.com/station-locator


You can find the mobile app in your app store by searching for ‘cambrian‘ or ‘fuel station locator‘.

It is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. Look out for this icon.

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