5 Tips for Driving in Low Sun – Infographic

low sun tips infographic

5 Tips for Driving in Low Sun

As Autumn descends on us and the sun appears lower in the sky,
driving at sunrise and sunset can become risky.

Here are some tips to make your journeys easier and safer:

1. Take it slow

If the light is affecting your ability to see
clearly then slow down.


2. Get your Sunglasses ready

Always have a pair of sunglasses in your car
just in car. They’re really handy when you’re
driving on a tree-lined road.

3. Use your lights

When driving before sunset and after sunrise,
always switch on your headlights so other
drivers can see you. The stark contrast in
lighting levels can make it harder to spot
other vehicles.


4. Dip your mirror

Don’t get dazzled by the sun when it’s beaming
into your car from the rear window. Dip your
rear-view mirror and check over your shoulder
to see your blind spot.


5. Keep your windshield clean

Keep both the inside and outside of your window
clean as any marks wil be highlighted by the glare
and will lead to an obstruction.