Why Choose Cambrian As Your Fuel Card Supplier?

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Why Choose Cambrian As Your Fuel Card Supplier?

Businesses have never had so much choice in deciding on a fuel card supplier.

Choosing a fuel card supplier is a significant decision for companies as it’s a substantial financial commitment and will have a ripple effect throughout business processes.


Here are some of the reason why Cambrian Fuel Card Services are unique:


We are a family-run company, we are not a subsidiary of a multi-national corporation. As such, we operate differently in that organizational changes happen quickly and our focus is more at a personal level.

As an independent fuel card company, we aim to provide the best cards for our customers based on their business requirements. With our comprehensive fuel card range which covers over 8000 stations and every major brand, we work with our customers and potential customers to identify the best cards(s) for them. As we are not bound to one network, we can continue to offer alternatives to our customers if their business needs change.


Our company was founded in 1976, originally we were in oil distribution and then changed to fuel cards in the mid-nineties. Our extensive history in the oil business best serves as we progress into future challenges within the industry as we are identifying future lines of service that will best fit the needs of our customers and their fleets.

We have also recently signed up with Ecologi to become a climate positive workplace. By investing in renewable green projects we are offsetting our carbon emissions at the office. Every month 130 trees are planted on behalf of our company which reduces our carbon footprint by 11.67 tonnes.


When you call our number, you get to speak straight away to a highly-trained customer service agent who is based at our UK head office. When you come on-board with us, you are assigned to one of our account managers who will look after your account and be your primary contact.

The key to our longevity is treating people how we wanted to be treated so we aim to resolve any query within 15 minutes. We primarily deal with SME’s so the brevity of our responses could make a significant impact on their business.

To give our customers we’ve made substantial investments in new technology to enable our customers to control their fuel card accounts and to get the most out of their cards.

These include:

  • online customer account portal
  • fuel station locator mobile app


Online Accounts Portal

You can now access your fuel card account easily and at any time. We’ve worked with developers to give our customers 24-hour access to:

  • Copy invoices
  • History statements
  • Make transaction enquiries
  • View Card details
  • Order new cards
  • Make stop card requests
  • Download transaction data

Our customers can access their accounts during non-business hours and can make more timely and effective decisions. This service offers our customers a high level of transparency allowing them to see where and when their drivers are using their cards.


Fuel Station Locator Mobile App

Our free mobile is designed to be easy to use and to make drivers life easier by helping them find the nearest site to them in their card network. The App identifies where they are in the UK and shows them the closest site and how to get there. It also has useful information about the cards and what you can purchase with them. It also helps fleet managers plan journey activity.




Our pricing structure policy is transparent – you just pay for the fuel. There are punitive or stealth charges.

There are no:

  • set up fees
  • transaction fees
  • card fees
  • network fees
  • minimum spend limits

The only additional cost you would incur would be for not using your card which is 75p plus VAT per month.



Our payment terms are designed to make our customer’s bills more palatable and help with cash flow. We invoice weekly and take payments twice monthly.



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