26 Feb Most Stolen Cars List 2020

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Most Stolen Cars List 2020


In 2020, 74,769 cars were stolen in the UK.

This was an increase of 33% (18,481 ) in 2019 when 56,288 were stolen.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 72% of stolen cars are never recovered.

Most stolen cars are either resold to suspecting buyers, stolen to order by criminal gangs, or dismantled and sold for parts.


Here is the list of the top 15 cars stolen last year:


PositionVehicleStolen in 2020Stolen Per 1,000
1Ford Fiesta3,3922
2Land Rover Range Rover2,8817
3Volkswagen Golf1,9752
4Ford Focus1,5871
5BMW 3 Series1,4352
6Vauxhall Astra1,1261
7Land Rover Discovery9003
8Mercedes-Benz E-Class7663
9BMW 5 Series6783
10Nissan Qashqai6551
11Ford Kuga6202
12BMW X55516
13Fiat 5003581
14Mercedes-Benz GLC3425
15Audi A62682



How Can Cambrian Help?


We offer a range of telematics devices from some of the UK’s leading telematics providers.

Our devices alert fleet managers of a vehicles whereabouts, speed and journey history in real-time.

Our onboard cameras will also stream live feeds which could lead to identifying assailants and stolen property from the vehicles.

Data from cameras and telematics devices is stored for 7 years and is admissible in court.

Our solutions from Trakm8 have the option of being fitted with Dallas key readers which will only allow authorised vehicle users to start the vehicle’s ignition.



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Most Stolen Cars List 2020

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