What Our Fuel Cards Can Offer Your Business

Many businesses are using our fuel cards to purchase fuel for their fleet of vehicles. This has many benefits, with the most obvious being that it is more secure and safer for both you and your drivers, as they no longer have to carry around cash. However, what you may not realise is just how much our fuel cards can offer your business, and why they are an excellent option for companies with multiple vehicles.

At Cambrian Fuel Cards, we are a family run business that has been distributing fuel all across the UK since 1976, and we now specialise in fuel cards. We have a lot of knowledge when it comes to fuel cards and businesses, and we appreciate that every company’s individual needs are different. Therefore, we have five different cards on offer, so you can really tailor your fuel card to your businesses need. Certain cards, such as Texaco Fast Fuels can only be used at certain sites, and some offer fixed prices, so you know exactly what you will be paying. If you know you and your company have certain requirements, we will find the perfect card for you with our unparalleled level of service. To help you even further, we have a very easy to use Forecourt Finder, which has a comprehensive coloured key to show exactly which fuelling stations your cards can be used at. Not only will this help you to choose which one is best for you, but will also help your drivers plan their journey, and know exactly which stations to pull in at.

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service that we offer, and have trained individuals on hand and able to deal with almost any customer enquiry. We have such high standards that we have acquired an ISO 9002 Certification, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands if you decide to get a fuel card from us. We provide all our clients with invoices and reports every month, which not only details everything that they have spent that month, so they can see at a glance, but also having one document eliminates the need to collect numerous receipts from your drivers. This is beneficial to your company as, once again, you’re are not constantly chasing your drivers for their paperwork, but, more importantly, it allows you to keep track of the company’s expenditure.

Our detailed reports will tell you exactly what card has been used where, the amount of fuel that was topped up, and who that card was registered to. This gives you greater control on your company’s finances, and organisation and control is one of the main advantages of fuel cards. This is often the driving force behind company’s signing up to fuel cards initially, as it makes everything so much easier. 

At Cambrian Cards, we specialise in fuel cards, making us one of the most knowledgeable companies in this field; we offer a collection of fuel cards to suit you; we have a current network of over 8000 UK sites, and there are no set-up costs, annual fees, transaction fees or card charges, and if you still need more of an incentive, we are offering brand new Nescafe Dolce Oblo Coffee Machines to all of our customers when you use our fuel cards. If you would like to find out more regarding our services and fuel cards, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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