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Everyone is looking for ways to help their car run smoother and Texaco have been providing their customers with high quality fuel for more than 100 years.

More recently though, they have recognised the needs of the modern motorist, and created a Supreme Fuel, which has been designed to help keep your engine performing at its best. The Supreme fuel, which is available in both petrol and diesel are available at seventy percent of service stations, making it more widely available than ever before.

So, just what is Texaco Supreme Fuel?

To put it simply, Supreme Unleaded has a higher-octane rating that normal fuel, which has been proven to make the engine work more efficiently, thus improving the performance of your car, and Supreme Diesel has a higher cetane rating. Over time, using fuel with a lower octane or cetane level can leave harmful deposits in your engine, which will cause a deterioration in the cars performance, and hesitation in the acceleration. It will also result in increased exhaust emissions and reduced economy, so even though you might think you are spending less money filling your tank up, in the long run, it will be much more due to the reduced fuel economy.


Whats so good about Texaco Supreme Fuel?

If you fill your fuel tank up with Texaco Supreme Unleaded and Supreme Diesel, you are helping to prevent deposits from building up, as well as helping to remove carbon deposits left behind by lower grade fuels. However, to really get the most from your car’s engine, it is recommended that you use the Supreme Fuel regularly.

Many people put off filling their car up with a Supreme Fuel, because they are unsure about it, and do not know whether it will damage their tank. The truth is, if you are buying a brand-new car, some manufacturers will recommend a particular type of fuel, which will often be the Supreme version of both petrol and diesel. If you have a new car, and they do not say specifically, the advice is much the same as it is with second hand cars. Regularly flushing your tank with a Supreme fuel can only improve its performance.


How is it better for your engine?

If you are wondering just how Texaco Supreme Fuel cleans your engine and assists in the removal of carbon and gum deposits from the inner components inside the combustion chamber. It is because when the fuel is higher in octane or cetane, it burns in a steady, controlled manner. This lowers the chance of ‘engine knocking’. Which is when a separate pocket of air-fuel mixture ignites after the spark has ignited the air-fuel mixture within the combustion chamber.

If you are unsure whether the Texaco Supreme fuel can make a difference to your car, and engine, give it a go.

After a couple of tanks, you should really start to notice a difference. And with the huge number of Texaco garages offering this fuel, it would be a mistake not to even try it.


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