What can I do to manage my fleet better?

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Fuel cards and telematics solutions enable you to gain total control over vehicles and drivers.


Fleet management becomes a simpler process that results in an immediate effect on the efficiency of your business.


Is the management of your fleet hindered by over-complicated admin processes?

Do you have issues tracking your vehicles?

How can you ensure your driver’s mileage claims are correct and that they’re representing your company in the best possible way?


Fuel Cards and Telematics Solutions offer you a holistic approach to solving issues and provide you with the tools to effect positive change within your organisation.


Did you know:


  • 26.4% of mileage claims are made without a valid receipt


  • 25% of mileage claims are falsely inflated by the driver


Fuel cards solutions offer you 24-hour access to your account via an online portal where you can view itemised transactions for every single card.

Cards are linked to a specific driver or car and purchases are limited to fuel, car wash and lubricants.

Every card is PIN protected and in the event of any fraudulent activity; all sales interactions are pinpointed, and evidence can be gathered from the forecourt cameras.

Fuel cards negate the need for drivers to carry cash; fill out claim forms; and the associated administrative processes.

Cutting down on the miles drivers are clocking up inevitably means saving money. This in the long term secures employment for the drivers and keeps your company competitive.

Knowing the whereabouts and activity of your fleet allows you to plan and schedule the maintenance of your fleet.


Telematics give you invaluable insights and help you scrutinise the activity of your fleet allowing you to have a proactive approach.

Via the telematics portal, you can track your vehicles in real-time so you always know where your vehicles are.

Through Geofencing you can set up geographical boundaries to limit driver activity. If your driver strays outside that area you will receive notifications.

You can also head off any traffic-related issues and preserve the continuity of your services.

Dashcams give you the assurance that if any of your fleet vehicles are involved in an RTA, video evidence is available to validate any claims.


Telematics solutions:


  • Reduce aggressive driving by 37%


  • Reduce overtime by 80%


  • Reduce insurance by 25%


Cambrian Fuel Card Services Ltd offers a range of cards from major fuel companies such as Shell, Texaco, Keyfuels and UKfuels. We are a multi-award winning, family run company that prides itself not only giving its customers the best prices but providing them with unrivalled customer service. We have a UK based call centre and our online portal gives you 24-hour access to Fuel Prices, purchases and total business fuel card account expenditure. Our cards give our customers access to over 8000 sites in the UK and are under one account.


To find out how your company will benefit from our fuel card and telematics solutions go to http://www.cambriancards.com or give us call on 0800 612 6132