How can I make my courier service more efficient?

picture of courier and van


In the courier industry where the efficiency of your deliveries is crucial to your survival, fuel card and telematics solutions give you an advantage.


“In 2007, 21.5% of all retail sales in the UK were online”, this massive shift in the behaviour of UK consumers has seen an industry spring up overnight to service the needs of online retailers. An adverse effect of this rapid demand is the pressure it places on hauliers to deliver at pace.
As a self-employed delivery person, your biggest concern is meeting your delivery targets on time and somehow doing it in a cost-effective way to your business.
An easy way to save time and money is through fuel cards and telematics solutions.
Advantages of Fuel Cards

  • Purchase fuel at wholesale prices, not ‘at-the-pump’ prices. Savings may only be a few pence a litre but over a year add up to £££’s
  • The system is free to setup and charges are only incurred if you don’t use the card
  • You get access to an online portal that allows you access itemised details of all your transactions
  • The system reports are HMRC compliant
  • There’s 30 days interest-free credit
  • You can save time by using some stations in our network to both fuel up and use their facilities
  • You don’t have to carry cash
  • All your cards are PIN protected and linked to you or your vehicle


Advantages of Telematics Solutions

  • Plan your routes better
  • Real-time reports
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Cut down on unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Reduce insurance costs by up to 25%
  • Dash Cams gives a full recording of any traffic incidents
  • Full transparency on vehicle travel history
  • Save on petrol with better planned out routes


Cambrian Fuel Card Services Ltd offers a range of cards from major fuel companies such as Shell, Texaco, Keyfuels and UKfuels. We are a multi-award winning, family run company that prides itself not only giving its customers the best prices but providing them with unrivalled customer service. We have a UK based call centre and our online portal gives you 24-hour access to Fuel Prices, purchases and total business fuel card account expenditure. Our cards give our customers access to over 8000 sites in the UK and can be managed under one account.

To find out how your company could benefit from our fuel card and telematics solutions go to or give us call on 0800 612 6132