The UK Must Adopt E10 – Infographic

adopt e10 infographic


The UK Must Adopt E10

The UK government is being urged by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for British Bioethanol to end the delay and adopt new E10 petrol specifications.

This will have massive and positive environmental impact.

The resultant effect is the equivalent of taking 700,000 cars off the road.


Petrol to Ethanol Ratios

Existing ethanol level 5%

Proposed ethanol level 10%



The British biofuel industry would benefit to the tune of £1Billion and could employ around 6000 people.

Biofuel production soaks up CO2 further reducing its presence in the atmosphere.


E10 was introduced in France in 2009 and accounts for 47% of petrol sales.

E10 is one of new wave of transitionary fuels emerging.

These cleaner alternatives seek to bridge the gap before age of electric vehicles.


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