Telematics and Your Small Business



The monitoring interface is accesible through an online portal. The software integrates with Google Maps and vehicle information is overlayed on top. Alerts can be set-up that will inform you should any incident occur.
There also a mobile app version of the software.


The gyroscope inside the telematics device records data about: acceleration, breaking, cornering speed, idling time and erratic behaviour. This information is constantly fed to the solution’s dashboard giving fleet managers live updates on driver behavour.


The rise in traffic jams in the UK costs the UK economy £9 billion.
Telematics can offer managers a solution which increases fleet capacity and maximises profits. Managers can actively communicate developing traffic situations to drivers allowing them to make the necessary route alterations.

Service Delivery

If your business makes deliveries or offers a mobile service (locksmith,
plumbing, boiler maintenance etc), fleet managers can offer a customer live updates on the location of your vehicle and estimated times of arrival.


Our software also provides a full reporting suite. Historical data relating
journeys and driving performance can be stored for up to 3 years.
Having comprehensive data enables managers to make more informed
decisions on future fleet activity.