How are the rising levels of traffic jams affecting your business?

traffic jams

Traffic jams on the UK cost the UK economy £9billion a year.

The latest research suggests that traffic congestion is at ‘crisis point’ and it is adversely affecting productivity and profitability.

Analysis by Close Brothers showed that:

  • 41% reported that traffic was having detrimental on profits
  • 83% think congestion is a problem
  • 65% think it’s getting worse
  • 17% think it’s getting better
  • 17% remain undecided
  • 41% said it hinders them operating at full capacity

In London:

  • 62% said it negatively affected trade
  • 57% said it affected profits

In the UK, the average driver spent 31 hours in rush hour traffic a year which cost them £1,168.

Top 5 Congested Cities

  1. London
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Luton
  5. Edinburgh

When questioned about the resilience of the British road network, respondents offered a divided opinion with a slight majority (52%) saying it was failing.

In 2017, UK drivers were facing 3,700 traffic jams per day which equates to 1,350,500 a year.

How can Telematics help?

Telematics allows fleet managers to remotely view the activity of their vehicle in real time via an online portal. Every fleet vehicle has a tracking device fitted that allows managers to monitor where and how their vehicle are being driven.

Fleet managers receive live traffic alerts that are relayed to drivers to help them avoid potential jams.

Our software solution integrates seamlessly with Google maps which allows you to accurately identify where the situation is developing.

Telematics enables your business to maximise its fleet operational capacity and as a result, maintain profits

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