Speed Cameras – Lifesavers or Moneymakers? – Infographic

speed camera infographic


They’ve been a gripe of motorists since their implementation but a recent report has sided with the view of disgruntled motorists saying that traffic cameras ‘are just money-making machines’.
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) found that speed cameras are sometimes set up in “good hunting grounds’’ for speeders “rather than because they had a history of collisions.”
The watchdog’s report found that some local bodies have even protected their revenues by stopping police officers using driver education to improve road safety.
The publication said:
Apparent unwillingness to support education over enforcement had led to suspicion among officers, including some at a chief officer level, that the focus of activity was intended to increase revenue for the safety partnership.”
It goes on to explain that police forces and road safety partnerships don’t receive the funds from issued fines but are allowed to recover administrative costs.

The HMICFRS has called for police forces and their partners to:

  • make camera locations clearer
  • explain location choices
  • improve existing guidelines on the use of speed cameras
  • publish their revenues
  • publish details of revenue allocation


Britain’s Ten Most Profitable Cameras:

  • A104 Lea Bridge Road, London,: 38,234 tickets
  • A12 Stratford St Mary, Suffolk: 27,705 tickets
  • North Road, Cardiff: 22,267 tickets
  • M1 south between J26 and 25: 20,549, tickets
  • A616 Stocksbridge bypass, South Yorkshire: 19,607 tickets
  • A1067 at Taverham, Norfolk: 19,398 tickets
  • A338 Wessex Way, Bournemouth: 15,669 tickets
  • A66 west at Kirkby Thore, Cumbria: 12,880 tickets
  • M4 west at Port Talbot, South Wales:12,799 tickets
  • A3 Esher bypass, Surrey: 12,726 tickets


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