Record Levels of Vehicle Thefts in UK – Infographic

Record Levels of Vehicle Thefts - infographic


Record Levels of Vehicle Thefts in the UK – Infographic

56% rise since 2014-2015

150000 cars stolen in the uk in 2018-2019

Police areas with largest rises:

  • Kent – 45%
  • Metropolitan – 46%
  • West Midlands – 121%


How much is it costing your fleet?

The average fleet loses £16k a year.
This rises to £50k a year if you’ve fleet is over 100 vehicles.


Are we making it easier?

9/10 van thefts happen because of stolen keys
1/5 van thefts happen because they weren’t locked


How can you limit the effects?

Telematics devices enable fleet managers to see how and where their vehicles are being driven.

To find out more about our range of telematics devices and the positive affect they could have on your fleet go to