Smart Traffic Lights Breakthrough


Smart Traffic Lights Breakthrough


A British firm has created a solution that will benefit motorists, pedestrians and the environment.


Tech company Now Wireless have combined Artificial Intelligence and cameras to create a road crossing system that will enable better traffic flow and slower pedestrians.


How it works

The AI detects pedestrians within a 15-metre range and by analysing their behaviour, predicts whether they are likely to cross and how long it will take them to traverse the crossing. With machine learning, the system has the potential to continuously improve and serve its local community better and help shape services at a local government level.


How is good for pedestrians?

The system identifies those who take longer to cross the road such as elderly people and people with children and adjusts the time the little green man stays up.

There’s also no need to press a button to stop traffic, which means a decreased risk of virus transmission.


How is it good for motorists?

It can reduce congestion as traffic doesn’t have to stop for ‘ghost pedestrians’ or a single person crossing.


How is it good for the environment?

With vehicles frequently stopping and starting, there are lower CO2 emissions.



The system is customizable and parameters can be altered to meet specific requirements for individual crossings, says the firm. For example, the lights could change after a specific amount of time elapses if the camera identifies a single person is waiting. Or they can change in a shorter time if many people are waiting to cross.



Brian Jackson, MD of Now Wireless said

“As economies build back, information about pedestrian numbers, and making sure that crossing points operate efficiently, will be particularly important for urban areas”.


Our commitment to the environment

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Smart Traffic Lights Breakthrough