small businesses – how can fuel cards help you?


how can fuel cards help small businesses?

Small businesses need all they help they can get.

As a small business it can be hard maintaining cashflow, ensuring continuity of service and fulfilling the administrative obligations that keep a business running. Fuel cards offer a way of keeping your fleet active in a way that benefits both your company and your employees. Fuel cards offer unparalled control over fleet expenditure, reduction in administrative processes and are an effortless way to aid employees when delivering services.

The benefits of fuel cards are:

  • Easy for staff to use
  • No need for staff to collect receipts
  • No need for staff to carry money
  • PIN protected cards
  • Cuts out claim form processing
  • 30-day interest-free credit – great for cashflow
  • Online portal allows you to access your account and get usage reports
  • Fixed weekly price – not pump price
  • No contract
  • No set up fees or transaction fees or minimum spend limit
  • Claim back tax on fuel