Road Safety Statement

Road Safety Statement


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On the 19th of July 2019, the Department for Transport released the publication ‘ Road Safety Statement 2019 – A lifetime of Road Safety ’.


The publication set out the work the government will undertake in the next two years and highlights road safety issues throughout the lifetime of roads users.


The document focuses on the needs of 4 vulnerable road user groups:

  • young road users
  • rural road users
  • motorcyclists
  • older road users

The report uses the Safe System approach which focuses on three pillars, safer:

  • vehicles
  • speeds
  • infrastructure

In the document, the government emphasis a holistic approach to road safety which places importance on four key areas:

  • education
  • enforcement
  • infrastructure design
  • construction

The delivery and success of the initiatives highlighted in the publication are dependent on a multi-agency approach across all levels of government, services and charities.

This is a summary of its contents.

Young People


  • Green Cross Code
  • More safety training resources for children
  • Accredited scheme to incentivise schools
  • Encourage active travel for a cleaner environment and healthier children


  • Accredited safety programme to help parents on child seat awareness
  • Support for Child Safety Week
  • Better education to get rid of ‘Smart Phone Zombies’
  • Extra support for children with Special Educational Needs


Young Adults


  • Driver 2020 – a three-year project
  • Better and more varied pre-test training
    • Rural roads
    • Independently
    • In the dark
    • Motorways
  • Graduated driving licence
  • Improving Driver Instruction
    • Better resources
    • Higher standards
    • Mock tests
  • ‘Mates Matter’ campaign to alter attitudes in young men
  • Driving Test
    • Develop hazard perception
    • Adapt test to accommodate technological changes





Older Adults


  • Better Information and guidance


Safer Vehicles


  • National Automatic Number Plate Recognition to replace local ANPR
  • ‘Driving for Better Business’ programme
  • HSE standards for off-road working


  • HGV’s
    • Continued support of the ‘Tyred Campaign’
    • Changes to HGV sideguards


  • Motorcycles
    • Better helmets
    • Promote enhanced rider scheme
    • Theory test for CBT
    • Recognition scheme for training companies
    • Good practice guide for e-cargo bikes
    • RoSPA ride-outs


  • Emissions
    • Greater engagement with fleet buyers
    • Increase consumer awareness of EURO NCAP
    • Incentivise consumer uptake


Safer Roads


a) Rural Roads


  • 44% of all traffic
  • 33% of casualties
  • 60% of fatalities


  • RAC Pathfinder Project
  • Safer Roads Fund
  • Setup Rural Road Users Advisory Panel
  • RoSPA Campaign
  • Wildlife conservation


b) Strategic Road Network


  • Continued enhancement of smart motorway user experience
  • New camera equipment to pick up Red X offences


c) Urban Areas


  • Pavement Parking Schemes
  • Local Speed Limits – 20 MPH zones


d) Understanding Road Collisions


  • Develop RAIDS – Roads Accident in Depth Study
  • Encourage more Police forces to adopt CRASH7
  • Closer collaboration with NHS on analysing road accident data


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