Dashcam Portal secures convictions – infographic

dashcam convictions infographic


Dashcams Secure Convictions

The National DashCam Safety Portal was launched a year ago and has gone on to be a huge success in detecting crime and securing convictions.

In the last year,

  • 5,000 videos have been uploaded, which equals 
  • 68,474 hours of police time saved

The National DashCam Safety Portal is currently used by 22 police forces across the country.

To access the portal and upload your footage, go to www.nextbase.com/en-gb/national-dash-cam-safety-portal

  • 50% of videos received are investigated
  • 50% have resulted in prosecutions


Supt Mel Crowther from West Mercia Police said:

“The National DashCam Safety Portal is a tool that can be used by all road users; drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and motorcyclists. Any footage is permitted, and as a result we have seen a great amount of members of the public getting behind this system. As a force, we have been using this to deliver our own ‘Operation Snap’ initiative over the past year.“The use of the NDCSP is a perfect example of modern police forces embracing new technology in order to help with internal time management.

“It ensures that our policing services are as accessible as possible, complementing the work already being done by police officers on our road network. Most importantly, it allows us to show that a dangerous driver’s behaviour can and will be held to account. I am confident that, with the help of other road users, this technology will deter people from making poor choices on the road and help make our roads safer for all.”


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