Reclaiming Your City with No Car Days – Infographic

no car days infographic

Reclaiming Your City with No Car Days


As a response from calls to increase air quality, some big cities are now taking the drastic measure of either banning cars at certain times or altogether.

Suggestions have put forward to introduce ‘family days’ as a possible way of lowering overall emissions. Many have seen ‘No Car Days’ as a positive step but others have argued that it negatively affects businesses who rely on foot-fall. Others argue that the real problem lies with Transport For London’s ageing fleet.

Mayor Khan announced that on Sunday 22nd September, there would be no cars allowed in the City of London, he said:
“We’ve called our range of events ‘Reimagine’ so that Londoners get an idea of what some of the busiest parts of our city would be like without cars or traffic, and let them reclaim the streets and allow for children to play freely and communities to enjoy parties in their areas”.

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