How clean is your car? – infographic


clean car infographic

How clean is your car?

New research shows that car interiors are a lot dirtier than other modes of public transport and public amenities.

Levels of toxic yeast were 60% higher than bus handrails. This type of bacteria causes eye, skin, throat and lung problems.


  • 80% of cars had bacteria levels equivalent to four times that of a bus handrail
  • 46% only clean when they need it
  • 24% let rubbish pile up


Of the respondents who said they never clean their car:

57% men / 43% women


  • 40% of cars had the same levels of bacteria as toilet flush handles, 20% had double.
  • 700 different types of germs found


The average steering wheel has the equivalent germ levels as:

  • 6x mobile phone screens
  • 4x toilet flush handle
  • 2x public elevator buttons